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Hi, RoomInnovation Wall

Double and open the space in your home
Why is RoomInnovation Wall so special?

Make your home multifunctional down to the finest detail.

The classic structure of an apartment, with standard partitions and partitions between each room, has the great disadvantage that you will never be able to enjoy all the space in that apartment at the same time.

With RoomInnovation Wall you will live and you will be able to enjoy all the useful spaces in a house, the whole surface and its opening will have a positive and emotional positive effect on you.

Double the space in your home

Choose RoomInnovation Wall for a life without borders.

Absolutely flexible
Very practical
Guaranteed safety
The ingenious RoomInnovation Wall concept

Installing the new movable walls in three simple steps

RoomInnovation Wall is delivered directly to your home, with all the components needed to install it.

On request we also provide a team of installers.

Step 1

Prepare the room

Any solid wall can be replaced with the movable wall provided it is not considered a resistance wall of the building.

Step 2

Fixing of the fixed structure

Mount the left pole, then align the right pole, followed by mounting the storage box.

Step 3

Install the panels

They are in turn mounted, taking into account their orientation to allow the closure by a ‘groove and spring system’.

Come see RoomInnovation Bed & Wall with your own eyes

Schedule a visit to the Brașov showroom

Want to see and test Innovation Wall and Innovation Bed? We are waiting for you at our Showroom in Brașov.

The address is: Str. Lebedei, Nr. 21, Brasov.

Visiting measures due to COVID-19: Access to the Showroom can only be made by appointment. Only groups of up to 2 people per reservation are allowed

RoomInnovation Wall Jos RoomInnovation Wall Sus
Five Reasons to Choose RoomInnovation Wall

Why choose RoomInnovation products for your home and family?

High utility

Do you need more space in the house? RoomInnovation Wall doubles the space in your home and significantly increases the quality of life. RoomInnovation is the alternative to a larger, more expensive home. Accessible to everyone.

Safe operation

You can easily control RoomInnovation Wall using a button installed on the wall so that it is out of reach of small children. RoomInnovation Wall only moves as long as you hold down the button. So you always have full control!

5 year warranty

The RoomInnovation Wall product has an extended warranty of five years. We protect your product from hidden flaws so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of RoomInnovation for a long time.

Home delivery

We deliver the RoomInnovation product directly to your apartment and even for free! Thus, you can immediately start installing the movable wall and you will be able to fully enjoy your space from the first second.

German quality

Experts in innovative solutions to ensure a modern life have combined their know-how to develop and create the RoomInnovation Wall product. The result is a product developed in Germany with components from German production units.

RoomInnovation will certainly revolutionize the real estate market, will radically change the concept of "smart", will meet its objectives. Congratulations to the whole team for all the effort, for the involvement, for all the achievements!

(Nicoleta S.)

Personally, I was very impressed by what I saw in the showroom, far beyond expectations. I think it will be a high impact project. Congratulations once again to all those who contributed to this innovation.

(Eugen H.)

Following the implementation of this concept in a small area of ​​both the wall and the bed, the usable area of ​​the apartment is incomparable. The effect is woooow. The reality is beyond expectations.

(Oana B.)
Do you want more details?

Do you have questions about RoomInnovation products?

Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us know your questions or concerns about the RoomInnovation concept by email or phone, and we’ll be happy to offer our full support.