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Privacy Policy

1. Operator contact details:

phone: 0739.080.800;

e-mail: [email protected]

2. Contact details of the person responsible for personal data protection:

Mali Consulting SRL Tg. Mureş, email “[email protected]

3. Purposes of processing:

Electronic communication for the purpose of searching for information and / or providing services /the requested products, as well as the transmission of commercial and marketing communications, in compliance with the provisions of art. 12, paragraph 2 of Law no. 506/2004, regarding the processing of personal data in the electronic communications sector, of the provisions of art. 6, para. 1 of Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce and the provisions of GEO no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in online commerce;

processing by automated means of personal data (name / surname, address

email, telephone, bank account / card number), as well as their electronic transmission to the recipients mentioned in point 5, in order to supply the requested products;

for completing and transmitting, including electronically, tax invoices and

transmission of fiscal declarations to ANAF, the invoice being valid without signature and stamp, according to art. 319, paragraph 29 of the Fiscal Code.

If the controller intends to further process personal data for a purpose other than that for which they were collected, in accordance with Article 13, paragraph 3 of the Regulation, he shall provide, before such further processing, information on the purpose secondary, as well as any other relevant additional information.

4. Legality of the processing: the processing is based on the “consent of the data subject” and the “achievement of the legitimate interests pursued by the operator”, according to art.6, paragraph 1, letter a) and f) of the Regulation, but according to art. 8, paragraph 1 of the regulation, the provision of information services directly to a child, based on consent, is legal only if the child is at least 16 years old.

5. Recipients of personal data: in order to fulfill the contractual obligations, I specify that I agree that the operator transmits the personal data collected to: Maurer Imobiliare Company, Courier Companies, etc. – it will be mentioned to whom the personal data will be transmitted.

6. Transfer of data to a third country (outside the EU and Switzerland): the controller does not intend to transfer personal data to a third country, and in the event that such a transfer is required, it must meet the conditions set out in art.42-50 of the Regulation, the data subject being informed about the possible risks that such transfers may involve.

7. Data storage period: according to art.5, paragraph 1, letter e) of the Regulation, the collected data will be kept for a period not exceeding the period necessary to achieve the purposes “

8. The rights of the data subject: are the rights provided by art.12-22 of the Regulation (right to information, access, rectification, deletion, restriction, portability, opposition), as well as the right to file a complaint before a supervisory authority and to introduce a judicial appeal (art. 12, paragraph 4 of the Regulation). To exercise these rights, the e-mail address of the operator can be used or the application can be submitted directly at its headquarters.

9. Withdrawal of consent: in accordance with the provisions of Article 7, paragraph 3 of the Regulation, you may at any time withdraw your consent, with effect only in the future, and after revocation, your profile will no longer be processed and you will not receive more marketing communications.

10. Automatic data processing: we inform you that the personal data provided will be subject to automated processing necessary to achieve the purposes set out in point 3, and is based on your consent (art. 22, paragraph 2, letter c )

11. Necessity of data provision: the personal data provided are necessary for the achievement of the “purposes of processing” provided in point 3.

Other details regarding the privacy policy

All information and images on this site are for information purposes and are owned by RoomInnovation Development SRL. No material on this site may be reproduced in part, in full or modified without the express consent of the owner of this right. All rights are reserved ………………. It is strictly forbidden to use this site in order to destroy or alter it, its content or security or to discredit or harass Roomy Innovations SRL The operator will apply all technical and organizational security measures to protect the data over which it has control against any accidental manipulationor intentional, loss, destruction or against the access of any unauthorized person.

The protection of information during the processing of your personal data is a major concern of RoomInnovation Development SRL, therefore all data collected during visits to our website are processed according to the legal provisions valid in Romania. Our website may include links to other sites whose content is not under our control, therefore RoomInnovation Development SRL does not assume and cannot accept any responsibility for the content of these websites. RoomInnovation Development SRL undertakes not to disclose any information regarding your visits to this site, except for legal situations.

Collection and processing of personal data

When you visit the website of RoomInnovation Development SRL, the web server automatically registers the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you visit us. Other personal data will be stored only if they are provided voluntarily by you, for example, in the context of a registration, an order, an opinion poll, a contest or during the execution of a contract.

Use and disclosure of personal data and specification of purpose

Your data will be processed in accordance with current legislation on Personal Data Protection and will be used by RoomInnovation Development SRL, in order to supply the requested products, their automated processing, transmission to suppliers of ordered products, for completion and transmission, including electronically, tax invoices and the transmission of tax returns to ANAF, the analysis of marketing and administration of the customer database, including for customer support, and to be able to inform you about the new products and services of our company.

Information for users (visitors)

As a user (visitor) you have the following responsibilities: – to provide true, accurate and complete data about yourself, as required by the registration form where applicable; – to maintain and renew, when the situation requires, the registration data to be true, accurate and complete.

At the same time, you assume the obligation not to do the following: – to publish materials containing viruses or other programs with the intention of destroying this system as well as any system or information; – to publish copyrighted material, if you are not the author or if you do not have the author’s permission to publish that material; – to publish obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious materials against another user, natural or legal person, materials or information prohibited by the legal provisions in force; – to publish an image or a statement that contravenes the incident legal norms in force.

In case of non-compliance with these conditions, RoomInnovation Development SRL dissociates itself from their author, will delete the respective information and can act legally.

Changes to the privacy policy

Changes to this privacy policy that will appear along the way will be posted on this website without prior notice. “Terms and Conditions” constitutes, in its entirety, an agreement between you and if you have any doubts or questions regarding the Cookies policy and the privacy policy, please write to the e-mail address “[email protected]”.