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With the Innovation Bed, the bed climbs to the ceiling during the day, transforming the bedroom into a children’s playroom, home office or creative workshop for hobbies.

Innovation Wall allows you to enjoy all the space of your home simultaneously, through a system of movable walls that creates a beneficial open space effect.

When people’s needs become priorities for us.
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Innovation Bed:
with motorized system that goes up to the ceiling.

Innovation Wall:
with motorized movable wall system.

RoomInnovation is an innovative concept that aims to maximize the lifestyle in the urban environment

With RoomInnovation, your home doubles in size and utility. Upgrade your apartment!

Innovation Wall

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Innovation Wall offers an optimal solution that ensures you keep the advantages of a classic apartment structure (privacy of each room, closing the kitchen during cooking) with the advantages of an open space structure. It is thus the ideal solution that allows you to always be in touch with your loved ones in your life.

Innovation Bed

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Innovation Bed easily adapts to any home and is based on a simple and innovative system through which your bedroom transforms completely during the day and allows a complete reimagining of the space in your home. The bedroom becomes a children’s playroom, a creative workshop for your hobbies where you can express yourself freely or a “home office” work desk.