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Perfection down to the finest detail, make your home multifunctional.

Choose RoomInnovation Bed or Wall for your home!

RoomInnovation Showroom v020

Choose RoomInnovation Bed

The bed that adapts easily to any home and is based on a simple and innovative system through which your bedroom transforms entirely during the day and allows a complete rethinking of the space in your home.

A wonderful and ingenious idea that can help you increase the space in your home and also looks very good from an aesthetic point of view.

(Anamaria Ș.)
RoomInnovation Wall

Choose RoomInnovation Wall

The wall that offers an optimal solution that ensures you keep the advantages of a classic apartment structure (the privacy of each room, closing the kitchen during cooking) with the advantages of an open space structure.

RoomInnovation este de viitor. Din puntul meu de vedere este foarte util pentru toate categoriile de cămine.

(Aron G.)