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Hi, RoomInnovation Bed

Your bed will wake up in the morning with you
Why is RoomInnovation Bed so special?

Perfection down to the finest detail, make your home multifunctional.

The bedroom is the space you love at night – a comfortable, spacious bed to make your sleep as relaxing as possible.

But what happens to this bed during the day? It takes up space in the room without a purpose. Have you thought about giving your bedroom another functionality during the day? We came up with the solution: RoomInnovation Bed.

Create more space in your home.

Choose RoomInnovation Bed for a life without limits.

Absolutely flexible
Very practical
Guaranteed safety
The ingenious RoomInnovation Bed concept

Installing the new bed in 3 simple steps

RoomInnovation Bed is delivered directly to your home, with all the necessary components to install it.

On request we also provide a team of installers.

Step 1


To install RoomInnovation, the position in the room where the bed will be mounted must first be determined. It is recommended that the two columns on which the bed will run to be fixed on a solid brick wall. In the case of plasterboard walls, these columns will be additionally anchored to the ceiling.

Step 2

Fixing the structure

After the first wall column is mounted, the “Z” profile rail will be attached. Its role is to fix the position of the second column on the wall. Then the second wall column can be mounted and three holes must be made for each column.

Step 3

Preparing the bed

Now the RoomInnovation bed and the RoomInnovation desk can be mounted in the columns that were fixed to the wall. All screws as well as the screwdriver are included in the RoomInnovation Bed installation kit.

Come see RoomInnovation Bed & Wall with your own eyes

Schedule a visit to the Brașov showroom

Want to see and test Innovation Wall and Innovation Bed? We are waiting for you at our Showroom in Brașov.

The address is: Str. Lebedei, Nr. 21, Brasov.

Visiting measures due to COVID-19: Access to the Showroom can only be made by appointment. Only groups of up to 2 people per reservation are allowed.

Why is RoomInnovation Bed so spectacular?

We have taken the concept of multifunctional housing to a whole new level

You work

Where? In your bedroom transformed into an office during the day.

You meet
with your friends

Where? In your bedroom transformed into a living room during the day.

Children playing
during the day

Where? In your bedroom transformed into a playroom during the day.

You train without
going to the gym

Where? In your bedroom transformed into a gym during the day.

RoomInnovation Bed Lateral jos RoomInnovation Bed Lateral sus
Five reasons to choose RoomInnovation Bed

Why choose RoomInnovaton products for your home and family?

High utility

This product, part of the RoomInnovation concept, manages to transform a single room into two rooms. The bedroom, a room with a utility felt, in general, only during the night, will find its functionality during the day, and the quality of your life will increase considerably.

Safe operation

You can easily control RoomInnovation Bed using a button installed on the wall so that it is out of the reach of small children. RoomInnovation Bed moves only as long as you hold down the button. So you always have full control!

5 year warranty

The RoomInnovation Bed product has an extended 5-year warranty. We protect your product from any hidden flaws so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of RoomInnovation for a long time.

Home delivery

We deliver the RomInnovation Bed product directly and even free of charge to your home! You can therefore immediately start installing the RoomInnovation Bed and you will be able to fully enjoy your space from the first second.

German quality

Experts in innovative solutions to ensure a modern life have combined their expertise to develop and create the RoomInnovation Bed product. The result is a product developed in Germany with components from German production units.

The idea of ​​'Smart Home' that I had until visiting the RoomInnovation showroom was completely revised. Every person wants something like this in his house. It's innovative, elegant, so simple and yet so complex. It brings man the greatest advantage - space. You can run freely. An option for the first time in Romania. It revolutionized the idea of ​​a small apartment by opening new horizons.

(Silvia A.)

Even though I was familiar with the concept for some time, the impact you have when you enter the classic apartment, closed and by just pressing a button, you can change the functions of the apartment, it's great . The apartment becomes open, bright, but most importantly, spacious. This concept, in addition to its functionality, is also an aesthetic element that everyone can integrate into their home.

(Lavinia P.)

From my point of view, both projects are wonderful. I was more than surprised by the quality of the material and the way it works. Although I knew it would be something special, my expectations were exceeded. Congratulations Simon on the idea and implementation. PS: I will undoubtedly be one of Roominovation's customers.

(Mihai L.)
Do you want more details?

Do you have questions about RoomInnovation products?

Our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us know your questions or concerns about the RoomInnovation concept by email or phone, and we’ll be happy to offer our full support.