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With RoomInnovation, your home doubles in size and utility. Upgrade your apartment!

Perfection down to the finest detail, make your home multifunctional.

RoomInnovation Bed - mobile bed

The bedroom is the space you love at night – a comfortable, spacious bed to make your sleep as relaxing as possible. But what happens to this bed during the day? It takes up space in the room without any purpose. Have you thought about giving your bedroom another functionality during the day? We came up with the solution: RoomInnovation Bed.

An innovative project for Romania, will be a national and international success. Congratulations for creation, innovation, perseverance!

(Adriana S.)

Amazing: RoomInnovation will do wonders

(Denis C.)

After visiting the showroom, I was pleasantly surprised. It is a significant difference from the virtual presentation, an innovative concept, with a major impact and real benefit.

(Oana J.)
Perfection down to the finest detail, make your home multifunctional.

RoomInnovation Wall - mobile wall

The classic structure of an apartment, with standard partitions and walls between each room, comes with the big disadvantage that you will never be able to enjoy, at the same time, all the space in that apartment.

With RoomInnovation Wall you will live and be able to enjoy all the useful space in a house, the whole surface and its opening will have positive effects on you, both physically and emotionally.

The vast experience gained during our existence on the real estate market, in which we sold over 8,000 apartments, and the involvement and orientation to the needs and desires of our customers have given rise to an innovative concept that will revolutionize the real estate market.

The starting point was a real problem that people face today, namely the lack of space in their homes.

Simon Maurer - Founder of RoomInnovation

Try the RoomInnovation experience! Our work thus had a clear objective: to provide an accessible solution that would ensure people increase their quality of life in a space without limits.

And the result of our work is spectacular. The design of your home will change radically, you will fully enjoy the generous space in your home and you will be able to discover another aesthetic and functional side of your home. The win is, on your side, guaranteed! For all this, there is only one answer: RoomInnovation.

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